List of practice weapons

This list of practice weapons, is of weapons specifically designed for practice in different martial arts from around the world. Unlike those in the list of martial arts weapons article, many of which are designed to be effective weapons, generally those listed here are blunted or otherwise designed for safe regular practice and training.

  • Bokken (Japanese wooden swords, also known as bokuto)
  • Suburitō (Japanese wooden sword, longer and heavier than a bokken)
  • Iaitō (Practice weapon used in Iaido)
  • Shinai (Japanese Katana-like sword made of Bamboo strips, used in Kendo)
  • Tanren bō (Japanese blunt, wooden, suburito-like bat used in Aikido)
  • Taijijian (Demonstration version of the Jian, Chinese straight sword, for use in T'ai chi ch'uan)
  • Épée (European fencing weapon)
  • Pugil stick (Heavily padded pole-like weapon)
  • Foil (European fencing weapon)
  • Federschwert (Steel sparring sword used in European martial arts)
  • Dussack (European curved, single edged practice sword)
  • Sabre (European fencing weapon)
  • Waster (Wooden European sword simulator)
  • Foam Weapons, Boffers (Foam Weapons used in live action role playing, SCA, and the like)
  • Rubber duck (American mockup of a firearm used in training, such as Marine Corps Martial Arts Program)

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