PCCW Mobile

PCCW Mobile HK Limited previously known as Mandarin Communications Limited, was a subsidiary of PCCW (via HKT) involving mobile network operator of 2G and 3G in Hong Kong. It was previously owned by a Caymans-incorporated Hong Kong listed company Sunday Communications until 2006.

PCCW Mobile HK
SUNDAY (former trading name)
Mandarin Communications
IndustryMobile communication
Fatemerged with CSL Limited
SuccessorCSL Mobile
Founded24 November 1994 (1994-11-24) in British Hong Kong
Area served
Hong Kong
OwnerHKT (100%)
former Chinese name (Mandarin Communications era)
Traditional Chinese匯亞通訊

The company also owned the license of internet service provider and international direct dialing of Hong Kong.[1]


PCCW Mobile HK, previously known as "Mandarin Communications"[2] (registered Chinese name 匯亞通訊有限公司;[2] trading as SUNDAY[3]), was a Hong Kong company that was incorporated in 1994. Mandarin Communications launched its 2G GSM 1800 network in 1997.[4]

Mandarin Communications was a subsidiary of listed company Sunday Communications since 2000. In 2004, the company signed a contract with Huawei, which the Chinese telecommunications company would supply and installation of a 3G network to SUNDAY,[5] as well as purchasing the shares of its parent company Sunday Communications.[6] The group acquired the 3G license of Hong Kong via Sunday 3G (Hong Kong) Limited (stylized as SUNDAY 3G),[7][8] a wholly owned subsidiary of Mandarin Communications.[1]

However, the parent company, Sunday Communications, was acquired by PCCW in 2005,[9] and the subsidiary, Mandarin Communications, was renamed to "PCCW Mobile HK Limited" in 2007,[2] after Sunday Communications selling Mandarin Communications and other businesses to its parent company in 2006.[10] PCCW made this acquisition to return to mobile business after it sold Hong Kong CSL Limited to Australia's Telstra in 2001–02.[11][12]

Nevertheless, after PCCW, via its subsidiary HKT, re-acquired CSL (known as a different legal person, CSL Limited, at that time) and its parent company CSL New World Mobility from Telstra and New World Development in December 2013,[13][14][15][16] PCCW ceased to use the brand PCCW in its mobile network operator services, which the legal person of PCCW Mobile HK was renamed to CSL Mobile Limited instead, in 2014.[2][17]


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